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A Key-Bounding-Box-Value Store for multi-dimensional big data.

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This project enhances the concept of traditional key-value stores by a bounding box. This makes it possible to store data in a more efficient way.


Data is stored distributed, and highly available. No single point of failure does exist.


BBoxDB can be scaled up to handle big data by adding additional nodes.


BBoxDB supports multidimensional data (point and non-point) with any dimension.


The software is developed as an open-source project at GitHub. The code is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license.


Data can be stored co-partitioned, which enables efficient query processing.


Operations such as spatial joins or range queries are supported.

User-Defined Filter

Custom data formats can be decoded by adding user-defined filter. In addition, additional operations can be added to the query processor.

Data Streams

BBoxDB Streams is an extension for the distributed handling of data streams. The extension supports continuous range queries and continuous spatial joins.