Apache ZooKeeper: A management system for distributed systems, used by BBoxDB.

Bounding Box: The minimum axis-parallel box that encloses an object.

BBoxDB Streams: The stream processing extension of BBoxDB.

BBoxDB Client: The client software library that can be used to interact with BBoxDB.

CLI: The command line interface of BBoxDB.

Distribution Group: All tables of a distribution group are distributed in the same manner.

Distribution Directory: This mapping is stored in Zookeeper and determines which node is responsible for which area.

Distribution Region: A subspace in an n-dimensional space.

Key-Bounding-Box-Value Store (KBVS): The family name of data storages that store tuples consisting of a key, a bounding box, and a value.

Memtable: The in-memory structure that is used by BBoxDB to store data.

NTP (Network Time Protocol): A protocol that is used to synchronize clocks in a computer network.

Space Partitioner: A algorithm that (dynamically) partitions the space into distribution regions.

SSTables (String-Sorted-Tables): The persistent data structure that is used by BBoxDB to store the data.

Table: A set of tuples.

Tuple store: Stores a set of tuples. The data of one table of one distribution region is stored in a tuple store. The tuple store stores the data in Memtables and in SSTables.

Tuple store configuration: The configuration of a tuple store. Among other things, this configuration defines whether the tuple store allows duplicates or not.

Used-Defined filter: A filter that is capable of decoding the stored values and refined the bounding-box based operations of the query processor.